Eva Farms is the Best Farmhouse for Pre Wedding Shoot in Gurgaon

Best Farmhouse for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Gurgaon: Nestled amidst the lush green Aravali hills on the outskirts of Gurgaon lies Eva Farms – an idyllic farm stay that has fast become one of the most sought-after pre-wedding shoot venues in the NCR region.

With its sprawling lush gardens, infinity pool overlooking the hills, cozy indoor spaces, and a plethora of picturesque backdrops, Eva Farms offers couples endless opportunities to create the wedding album of their dreams.

In this article, we take a closer look at all that makes Eva Farms the ultimate destination for pre-wedding photoshoots in Gurgaon.

An Oasis of Tranquility Away from the Hustle-Bustle of the City

Eva Farms is located far away from the maddening crowds and chaos of Gurgaon city, nestled amidst the lush wilderness of the Aravali hills.

The approach to the farm stay itself sets the tone for a relaxing pre-wedding shoot – a long winding road cutting through untouched nature, with the city left far behind.

As you enter the gates of Eva Farms, it feels like you’ve stepped into a different world – sprawling open spaces dotted with trees, chirping birds, and an enveloping sense of peace and solitude.

The remote location, away from the din of the city, makes it the perfect place for couples to de-stress and focus entirely on creating their special memories.

Breathtaking Natural Backdrops

Eva Farms is blessed with a diverse range of natural backdrops that make for striking pre-wedding photoshoot settings. The most picturesque of them all is the infinity pool overlooking the Aravali hills.

Its unique elevated design offers an uninterrupted view of the wilderness, making for an almost ethereal backdrop for couples’ portraits.

The pool deck and gazebo area are also much sought-after for their stunning views. Other scenic spots around the farm stay include the open gardens, ponds, and forested wilderness which photographers love for their raw, rustic charm.

The variety of natural settings allows photographers to capture the couple amidst golden fields, dense forests, serene water bodies, and more without having to go elsewhere.

Indoors Spaces for Creative Portraits at Eva Farms

While the outdoors is ideal for grand landscape portraits, Eva Farms also offers some indoor options for more intimate couple and solo portraits.

These include a cozy living room with a fireplace and library, offering a vintage charm; a billiards room with wooden interiors and warm mood lighting; and even classy bedrooms and bathrooms for stylish, magazine-style shoots if required.

The range of indoor spaces allows for great flexibility in shooting – couples can alternate between the grand vistas outdoors and cozier portraits inside.

Luxury Amenities for Comfort at Eva Farms

A pre-wedding shoot in Gurgaon day can be long and tiring with outfit changes, makeup sessions, and non-stop posing. That’s why the luxurious amenities and hospitality at Eva Farms ensure the couple can enjoy their shoot in maximal comfort.

The rooms are plush and comfy to rest and recharge in between shoots. There’s also a fully-equipped dressing room where hair and makeup artists can set up for periodic touch-ups.

Luxury cars can be arranged for stylish entrance shots. The in-house catering provides delicious meals and refreshments while decorated tents allow couples to relax in between shoots.

From start to finish, Eva Farms’ hospitality ensures the pre-wedding shoot experience is nothing less than luxury for the couple.

Skillful In-House Team for Hassle-Free Experience

Eva Farms also has an experienced in-house team to handle all the shoot arrangements so the couple can just focus on looking their best.

Their staff assists with anything from location scouting and props to ensuring the right lighting and angles for excellent photos.

They also provide contacts for trusted photographers, makeup artists, and decorators approved to shoot at the venue. Couples can bring their own crew as well.

With the in-house team handling all the details, coordinating a pre-wedding shoot at Eva Farms is stress-free for couples and photographers alike.

Ideal for Both Intimate Shoots and Grand Photoshoots

With its variety of settings and amenities, Eva Farms is suitable for pre-wedding shoots of any scale – be it an intimate session with minimal crew or an elaborate photoshoot with multiple outfit changes.

For low-key shoots, couples can explore the peaceful outdoors and earthy indoors at their own pace. Smaller crews can easily maneuver to unique nooks and undisturbed spots for those cozy Forrest portraits.

Those planning a grand production with numerous outfit changes, props, and setups will also find Eva Farms ideal thanks to the amenities and space for larger crews.

The range of backdrops easily allows the creation of a variety of looks within the venue itself.

In short, Eva Farms provides the flexibility for shoots of any size and scale.

Special Packages for Pre-Shoots

Eva Farms offers specially curated packages for pre-wedding shoots to ensure a seamless experience. Their Pre-Wedding Affair package provides full-day use of the venue, choice of multiple shooting areas, complimentary breakfast and meals, DOT makeup artists on-site, room for changeovers, and photography assistance by their staff.

They also have add-ons like confetti bursts, drone cameras, luxury car entry, and stayover options for outstation couples. Couples can either choose a ready package or customize one as per their specific photoshoot needs. The packages take care of all the key requirements at attractive all-inclusive pricing.

Location Convenience from Delhi and Gurgaon

Despite its secluded hillside location, Eva Farms remains easily accessible from Delhi and Gurgaon which is key for outstation couples planning their photoshoot around their stay. It is just 30 minutes from Cyber Hub and 40 minutes from DLF Emporio.

Couples flying in or staying at hotels in Gurgaon can easily coordinate their shoot at Eva Farms without needing more than 45 minutes of transit time. Guests staying over also enjoy the convenience of shooting multiple days/outfits without travel hassles.

With its quick access from urban hotspots, Eva Farms offers the best of both worlds – a scenic secluded venue yet total convenience for outstation couples.

Much More than Just a Photoshoot Location

Eva Farms believes in creating memories to last a lifetime, not just pretty photos. That’s why it focuses on end-to-end curation of the pre-wedding experience. Couples are welcomed with traditional rituals and pampered with luxury amenities.

The serene natural setting helps them de-stress and bond more deeply away from urban chaos. Whether it’s about the perfect outfits, decor, or hospitality, Eva Farms works closely with couples to manifest their ideal photoshoot vision.

The whole experience is designed to be relaxing, and comfortable, and connect the couple at a deeper level while creating beautiful timeless moments together.

In short, Eva Farms delivers way more than just photos – it helps create priceless memories.

Top Choice of Photography Pros

Ask any Delhi/NCR wedding photographer about great pre-wedding shoot venues, and Eva Farms will undoubtedly be among the top recommendations.

Over the years it has become a favourite spot for top photography professionals for its diverse backdrops and well-equipped facilities.

Leading photographers love Eva Farms’ locations that allow the creation of a variety of looks, the in-house team’s support for hassle-free shoots, and the ability to shoot without external interference that ruins the ambiance.

For couples too, splurging on a top lensman becomes worthwhile with Eva Farms’ scenic settings.

Easy Online and Offline Booking Process

Eva Farms offers a seamless online and offline booking process for a photoshoot. Couples can check location availability, and package details and make bookings online from their website.

They can also visit the farm stay, consult with the in-house team onsite, and book the venue and services as per their photoshoot plan.

The staff is always available for venue visits and to address any booking queries.

With flexible booking mediums and helpful staff support, Eva Farms makes planning a dream pre-wedding shoot simple and stress-free for couples.

Legacy of Excellence and Happy Customers

Having facilitated over 600 luxury pre-wedding shoots, Eva Farms has honed its offerings and expertise over the years catering to discerning clients.

Their success and reputation are reflected in outstanding customer reviews praising the location’s aesthetics, hospitality, and shoot experience.

Many couples rate it as the highlight of their whole wedding celebrations. The consistent excellence has established Eva Farms as the gold standard for pre-wedding photoshoots in the NCR region.

For couples looking for stunning backdrops and flawless execution for the shoot of their dreams, Eva Farms’ legacy of excellence offers them the ideal solution.

Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination in Gurgaon

A pre-wedding shoot at Eva Farms offers couples the best of everything – stunning natural backdrops, world-class amenities, personalized services, and seamless coordination.

No wonder it has emerged as the definitive choice among couples planning their dream photoshoot in NCR.

Whether you envision an intimate portrait session amidst rustic greens or a lavish production with costume changes and grand backdrops – Eva Farms is the ideal venue to manifest your photoshoot vision.

Their curated offerings, reputation for excellence, and breathtaking Aravali locales make Eva Farms the go-to destination for pre-wedding photoshoots in Gurgaon.

So for memories as timeless and beautiful as your love, choose Eva Farms to immortalize your pre-wedding story!

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