Top 10 Beautiful Places for a 2 Days Trip from Gurgaon

Top 10 Beautiful Places for a 2 Days Trip from Gurgaon

Do not have much time but want a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of professional life? Well, our list of top places will help you to plan just a 2 days trip from Gurgaon to enjoy a good and relaxing time with your family, kids, or friends. Our collection of places includes Jaipur, Shimla, Neemrana Fort, and many more. These places are not very far from Gurgaon and you can easily spend your limited time with full happiness and adventure. Check out the following places and plan your 2 days trip from Gurgaon soon.

Neemrana Fort

One of the most popular places near Gurgaon, Neemrana Fort takes you on a royal journey with your family, partner, or friends on a two-day trip. This premier heritage hotel offers a unique experience and takes you back to medieval times with its original ambiance and architecture. Your kids can learn about the historic property, you can relax in the hanging gardens, and relax swimming in the pools. Visitors can take Ayurvedic spa treatments to rejuvenate themselves. Also, try its cuisine to experience the royal taste. Visit Neemrana Fort to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Address: 15th Century, Delhi-Jaipur Highway 122nd Milestone, Delhi – Jaipur Expy, Neemrana, Rajasthan 301705

Phone: 01494 672 800

Distance from Gurgaon: 2 hr (89.2 km) via NH 48

Top Things to Do

  1. Explore the Big Fort: Walk around and see lots of cool stuff and look at old things to learn about the past.
  2. Climb High Walls: You can go up and see far away, enjoy beautiful views, and take photos from up high.
  3. Eat Yummy Food: Enjoy tasty dishes with your family from the fort’s kitchens. You can also try new flavors mentioned on Fort’s creative menu.
  4. Relax in Cozy Rooms: Book your stay torest in comfortable beds and forget about all worries.
  5. Watch the Sunset: Do not forget to see the beautiful sunset, covering the sky with beautiful colors.





Jaipur is India’s first planned city and a good option to plan vacations near Gurgaon. The city is full of ancient history and modern metropolis charm, attracting tourists throughout the world. Known as the Pink City, it has stunning buildings and magnificent forts like Amber and Jaigarh. Adding to this, you can also explore the City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and popular bazaars to buy unique souvenirs. So, get ready to experience the hospitality of this vibrant city on your two-day trip with your family or friends.

Location: Rajasthan

Distance from Gurgaon: 4 hr 12 min (269.3 km) via NE 4

Top Things to Do

  1. Visit the Amber Fort: Visit this big and old building and enjoy beautiful city views.
  2. See the City Palace: Do not forget to admire the modern palace, offering multiple things to explore within its walls.
  3. Jantar Mantar: Also go to Jantar Mantar to see the amazing and unique work of the Architect.
  4. Hawa Mahal: Do not miss to roam in the tall, pink building with lots of windows. Take multiple pictures and enjoy amazing views from its windows.
  5. Shop at Johari Bazaar: Before you go back, visit Johari Bazaar to buy some memorable souvenirs for your loved ones.



Plan an easy trip to the Queen of The Hills, Mussoorie. It is a popular hill station located just 290 km from Delhi. Surrounded by the Shivalik range of the Himalayas, you will find its weather pleasant throughout the year. Mussoorie is full of attractions like The Mall and the Ropeway to Gun Hill. You can also explore its nearby hill stations, such as Landour and Barlowganj, waterfalls, and natural views for a memorable family picnic or romantic getaway on your two-day trip to Mussoorie.

Location: Uttrakhand

Distance from Gurgaon: 6 hr 8 min (328.8 km) via NH334

Top Things to Do

  1. Explore Kempty Falls: It is a big waterfall where you can splash around and play with water.
  2. Ride the Cable Car: Enjoy the view of Mussoorie from a great height.
  3. Walk on Camel’s Back Road: Visitors can walk on Camel’s Back Road and the real beauty of nature.
  4. Visit Company Garden: It is a pretty garden with colorful flowers. You can relax or enjoy a family picnic here.
  5. Go Boating at Lake Mist: Visit Lake Mist to enjoy a boat ride with your friends.



Do you love to explore stunning and unique architecture? If yes, you must choose Agra. The city is full of famous historical monuments. From the iconic Taj Mahal to the Agra Fort. Witness the refreshing sunrise and beautiful sunset from several Mughal attractions. Explore local handicraft markets and buy something unique to your family or loved ones. Make sure you visit The Taj Mahal, and other popular spots in Agra before returning to Gurgaon from your 2 day trip.

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Gurgaon:  3 hr 43 min (197.0 km) via NH 19/NH 44

Top Things to Do

  1. The Taj Mahal: There will be no one who goes back from Agra without visiting the Taj Mahal. This is a huge, beautiful building with lots of history to learn.
  2. Explore Agra Fort: Agra Fort is a great historical fort that has comfy rooms, offering pleasant views to tourists.
  3. Fatehpur Sikri: This is also a must-visit place in Agra. It is an old city that has attractive buildings and other things to do.
  4. Shop at Sadar Bazaar: Don’t forget to collect multiple souvenirs to make your trip memorable.
  5. Try Petha: Going Agra and not having a yummy sweet snack, Petha? That will be injustice with this 2-day trip to Agra.



Popular Among youngsters, Rishikesh is a good option for a two-day trip from Gurgaon if you love adventure. Known as the capital city of yoga, Rishikesh has a peaceful ambiance to relax. This capital city of yoga also offers many holy temples and pilgrimage centers. Take part in thrilling adventure activities like white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and more. So, plan your upcoming tour at Rishikesh and discover the attractive beauty of Rishikesh!

Location: Uttrakhand

Distance from Gurgaon: 6 hr 3 min (292.9 km) via NH334

Top Things to Do

  1. River Rafting: Go river rafting for an exciting water adventure with splashes and other water activities.
  2. Visit Beatles Ashram: Spend some time in the Beatles Ashram to explore the history and value of the place.
  3. Explore Neer Garh Waterfall: Enjoy swimming and play with kids or partners at Neer Garh Waterfall.
  4. Try Yoga: Keep your body relaxed and rejuvenate by trying some yoga postures near the river.
  5. Bungee Jumping: Get ready to challenge the height and take the thrilling jump from a high place to have an adventure.



Visit the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a popular option for 2 days trip from Gurgaon. It is a beautiful hill station known for its stunning mountains and natural scenery. Shimla has a pleasant climate throughout most months, so you can plan your trip anytime. The peak time is summer when you will find maximum tourists. Visitors can explore colonial architecture, walk along the Mall Road, and visit nearby attractions like Kufri and Chail. Whether you are with family or your soulmate, Shimla offers unforgettable memories for all.

Location:  Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Gurgaon: 7 hr 21 min (376.9 km) via NH 5 and NH 44

Top Things to Do

  1. Ride the Toy Train: Take a cute train ride through the hills and go back to your childhood.
  2. Visit Jakhoo Temple: Jakhoo Temple is a big temple. It has a giant monkey statue, attracting people from each corner of the world.
  3. Shop at Mall Road: Do not forget to visit Mall Road. This is an amazing place to shop and collect Shimla Memories.
  4. Explore Kufri: If you love horse riding, must visit Kurfi. You can also enjoy some snow activities here.
  5. Ride the Cable Car: Take a Cable Car Ride to explore Shimla from height.




One of the most loved places among the people from Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, Nainital is a picturesque Himalayan lake town. Well-known for its breathtaking beauty and rich heritage, Nainital is perfect for planning 2 day trip from Gurgaon. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful ambiance that includes lovely views of the emerald Naini Lake and surrounding hills. Adding to this, the place also has many villas and bungalows. Visitors can explore religious sites, learn about the town’s history, enjoy culinary delights, and engage in various activities like boating, horse riding, and mountaineering, making Nainital a perfect holiday destination for all.

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Gurgaon: 6 hr 42 min (329.6 km) via AH2

Top Things to Do

  1. Boating on Naini Lake: Take a boat ride on Naini Lake and enjoy the view by sitting in the water.
  2. Naina Devi Temple: Visit the big temple, Naina Devi, and get some blessings.
  3. Ride the Cable Car to Snow View Point: Take a cable ride to fly and enjoy beautiful mountain views.
  4. Explore Eco Cave Gardens: Visit Eco Cave Gardens to explore greenery and tunnels.
  5. Trek to Tiffin Top: Hike up for awesome views and a picnic!



Pangot is a charming village near Nainital and a paradise for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. You can witness over 300 species of birds and click their picture as memories. Apart from being a haven for birdwatchers, Pangot offers comfortable accommodations and various outdoor activities like trekking and jungle walks. Families can enjoy picnics, couples can spend romantic moments, and kids have fun with amazing activities in Pangot. It is the perfect destination to create beautiful memories in a peaceful environment.

Location: Uttrakhand

Distance from Gurgaon: 6 hr 58 min (339.0 km) via AH2

Top Things to Do

  1. Birdwatching: Watch multiple colorful birds flying and chirping around you.
  2. Nature Walks: Go for a walk to explore the green forests of Pangot.
  3. Photography: Enjoy photography by capturing stunning landscapes and wildlife.
  4. Visit Kilbury Wildlife Sanctuary: Say hello to a wide range of animals like deer and leopards at Kilbury Wildlife Sanctuary.
  5. Stargazing: Enjoy a get-together, dinner, or stay in the clear night sky.


Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

This time, go to the beauty of the Himalayas, Lansdowne. The place is a peaceful way to go far from city crowds so you can enjoy some happy hours with your loved ones. Surrounded by dense forests, Lansdowne is home to churches, picturesque landscapes, and a pleasant environment. Whether you are exploring on foot, admiring the picturesque views, or visiting historical sites like St. Mary’s Church, Lansdowne is the best to do.

Location: Uttrakhand

Distance from Gurgaon: 6 hr 40 min (285.7 km) via NH534

Top Things to Do

  1. Trek to Tiffin Top: Enjoy a picnic and go hiking to admire stunning views.
  2. Visit Bhulla Lake: Spend some relaxing hours by the shore of Bhulla Lake and talk for hours with your special people.
  3. Explore Tip N Top Point: Admire beautiful views of the mountains and valleys from Tip N Top.
  4. Boating at Bhim Pakora: Enjoy boating at Bhim Pakora together with your friends or family.
  5. Picnic at Lover’s Lane: Relax and enjoy a picnic at Lover’s Lane, offering beautiful surroundings.



Surrounded by beautiful hills and greenery, Mcleodganj is a hill station near Dharamshala. It is known for its Tibetan culture. Due to Tibetan vibes and population, it got another name, “Little Lhasa.” Visitors can enjoy beautiful landscapes, ancient temples, and popular treks like Triund and Kareri Lake. Mcleodganj is a blend of peace, adventure, and spirituality, making it a favorite destination for various tourists.

Location: Uttrakhand

Distance from Gurgaon: 10 hr 26 min (542.8 km) via NH503

Top Things to Do

  1. Trek to Triund: Get ready to hike up for stunning views and camping.
  2. Visit Bhagsu Falls: Enjoy refreshing bathing in the water of Bhagsu Falls and take multiple photos.
  3. Explore Namgyal Monastery: Visit Namgyal Monastery to learn more about Tibetan culture.
  4. Try Tibetan Food: Do not forget to try Tibetan tastes, like momos, thukpa, and other yummy dishes.
  5. Visit Dalai Lama Temple: Religious people can go to Dalai Lama Temple to show some respect and feel a relaxed ambiance.



We hope that our article has helped you to get rid of your confusion and made it easy to plan a 2-day trip from Gurgaon with your loved ones. Although it is very hard to take some time out for our personal life, places near Gurgaon will always offer you great opportunities to have fun and relaxation. You can contact us to get more details about these places so that you can plan your trip smoothly.

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