Which is a Better City to Live in Noida or Gurgaon?

Choosing a Better City to Live in Noida or Gurgaon? where to live is an important decision that requires careful consideration of factors like infrastructure, amenities, employment opportunities, safety, cost of living, and more.

Noida and Gurgaon are two of the major satellite cities of Delhi NCR that have emerged as popular residential and commercial hubs. But which of these cities is better to call home?

This article compares Noida and Gurgaon across various parameters to help you decide which city suits your needs better. Will make sure that after reading this article you don’t have to go anywhere to ask someone which city is better for living you will find your all answers in this post.

Better City to Live in Noida or Gurgaon?

Now let’s jump into the main topic and dive into the deep comparison of Noida vs Gurgaon which is the best city to live in in terms of infrastructure, amenities, employment opportunities, safety, cost of living, and more.

Connectivity and Public Transport

City to Live in Noida or Gurgaon?

Connectivity and public transportation are some of the aspects of any city without connectivity any emerging city is just a waste like a tree without a leaf so now you know how much transportation and connectivity matter to a great city.

Connectivity In Noida

Noida scores highly when it comes to connectivity and public transport. It has a robust Metro network that conveniently connects various parts of the city to Delhi and the Delhi Airport.

Bus services by DTC and cluster schemes offer connectivity within Noida and to Delhi. The city is connected to the national highway network via the Yamuna Expressway, DND Flyway, and Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. Auto-rickshaws, taxis, and cab aggregators like Ola and Uber provide last-mile connectivity.

Connectivity In Gurgaon

Gurgaon is lagging slightly behind Noida when it comes to public transport infrastructure. It has the Rapid Metro which covers parts of Cyber City and connects to Delhi Metro. But large parts of the city are dependent on private cabs, autos, and buses which ply irregularly.

The connectivity to Delhi airports is also not streamlined. However, Gurgaon has excellent road connectivity being right on NH-48. But the city suffers from traffic congestion due to lack of planning.


Noida edges past Gurgaon in terms of connectivity and public transport infrastructure due to its more extensive and convenient Metro network, reliable bus services, and proximity to major national highways.

Housing and Cost of Living

City to Live in Noida or Gurgaon?

The cost of living is also matters for city people if someone looking for a city to live then the cost of living is plays an important role here will compare the Noida vs Gurgaon cost of living.

Cost of Living In Noida

Noida offers housing options for all budgets – from affordable flats by the Noida Authority to premium complexes by renowned builders. Property rates range from Rs 4,500-6,500 per sq ft depending on the sector and builder.

Rental rates for 2 BHK flats are Rs 8,000-15,000 per month. The cost of living is cheaper compared to Gurgaon with groceries, utilities, and eating-out expenses lower by 10-15%.

Cost of Living In Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, housing options start from budget apartments in new sectors to uber-luxury villas, condominiums, and penthouses. Property rates are quite steep at Rs 7,000-9,000 per sq ft.

Rental for 2 BHK is Rs 12,000-22,000 per month. Overall cost of living is higher than in Noida – utilities, groceries, and eating out – all cost more by 15-20%.


Noida offers more choices in housing that cater to all income groups. Property and rental rates are lower compared to Gurgaon. The cost of living is also lower making Noida a more affordable option for homebuyers and residents.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities In Noida

Noida has emerged as a hub for IT/ITES, consulting, manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors. Top companies like HCL, Accenture, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc. have offices in Noida. Sectors 62, 63, 67, and 168 are the prime IT/ITES hubs.

Manufacturing units are spread across various industrial sectors. Noida is also a hotspot for startups in fields like fintech, ed-tech, healthtech, etc. The upcoming Jewar Airport will also boost jobs.

Employment Opportunities In Gurgaon

Known as India’s IT hub, Gurgaon houses the offices of major Indian and multinational tech firms like Google, Facebook, Oracle, SAP, IBM, etc. Apart from IT/ITES, key employment sectors are e-commerce, financial services, telecom, and manufacturing.

However, jobs have been impacted post-pandemic with layoffs, cost-cutting, and hiring freezes across many companies. The lack of new investments is a concern.


Noida has been consistently attracting IT/ITES and manufacturing investments leading to a healthy job scenario. Gurgaon still reigns supreme as an IT hub but has been facing job losses recently. Commuting to work is easier from Noida than Gurgaon due to better intra-city connectivity.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Infrastructure In Noida

Noida has witnessed a mushrooming of advanced hospitals, specialty clinics, diagnostic centers, wellness centers, and pharmacies in the last decade. Renowned hospital chains like Fortis, Jaypee, Max Healthcare, Sharda, Columbia Asia, Apollo, and Yatharth are present. Sectors 27, 28, 30, 44, 47, 49, 51, and 137 are healthcare hubs. Ambulance services are easily available 24/7.

Infrastructure In Gurgaon

Gurgaon too has world-class healthcare infrastructure built over the years. Hospital groups like Medanta – The Medicity, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Artemis, and Paras have state-of-the-art facilities for all specialties.

But healthcare is more concentrated along Golf Course Road and MG Road. Ambulance services struggle with congestion during emergencies. Lack of good government hospitals is also an issue.


Both cities offer advanced medical infrastructure through renowned private hospitals and clinics. Noida scores due to its more even spread, faster emergency services, and presence of more public healthcare facilities.

Education Options

Education System In Noida

Planned development has allowed Noida to establish reputed schools across all sectors and open green campuses for universities and colleges. Schools are affiliated with CBSE, ICSE, or local boards.

Higher education offerings include Sharda University, Amity University, JIIT, Jaipuria Institute, GL Bajaj and Accurate Institute. Reputed players like Delhi Public School, Amity International, Seth Anandram Jaipuria, and Ryan International have schools here.

Education System In Gurgaon

With uncontrolled development, planned education hubs couldn’t emerge in Gurgaon. Reputed schools are concentrated in DLF phases, Sushant Lok, Sectors 43-57.

Higher education choices are also limited with the likes of Ansal University, Manav Rachna University, and KR Mangalam University being the major ones. Delhi Public School, Scottish High International, Pathways, and Shiv Nadar School are considered top K-12 choices.


Noida has an edge over Gurgaon when it comes to planned quality education across school levels and higher education. Standards of teaching and extra-curriculars are better in Noida helping students excel in academics as well as co-curricular pursuits.

Recreation and Lifestyle

Lifestyle in Noida

Noida offers ample recreation zones for citizens across various sectors – neighborhood parks for morning walks, Sports Complexes for sports training, and large community parks for family time on weekends like those in sectors 54, 62, and 91.

Malls like DLF Mall of India, Gardens Galleria, Great India Place, and Logix City Center are popular hangout places with multiplexes, gaming zones, and eating joints.

Lifestyle in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is also keeping pace with Noida when it comes to recreation options. Large community parks and green belts are being maintained by MCG across various parts of the city.

Cyber Hub is the swankiest hangout destination with fancy pubs, bars, cafes, and multinational cuisines. Other malls like Ambience, Sahara, Metropolitan, and Mall Mile are also frequented by residents.


Both cities are at par when it comes to offering recreational avenues and lifestyle choices to citizens. Noida may have more planned open spaces but Gurgaon makes it up through posh malls and deluxe lounges. For recreation and entertainment, both cities match up to each other.



A well-planned city divided into sectors and residential blocks, Noida has lower crime rates than Gurgaon. The city has its own police force to maintain law and order.

CCTV surveillance covers key junctions and public places adding to safety. Rapid response teams, women helplines, and active policing ensure quick redressal and deterrence against crimes. However, stepping up patrolling and monitoring at night would increase the perception of safety for citizens.


With its unplanned growth, Gurgaon has more pockets of crime than Noida. The city depends on the overburdened Haryana Police to maintain law and order leading to lapses.

Residential colonies and areas close to the Delhi border are crime-prone. Cyber crimes, ATM thefts, chain snatching and vehicle theft are rising as per police records. More street lighting, surveillance, and community policing by authorities are the need of the hour.


Noida is distinctly ahead of Gurgaon regarding maintaining law and order and ensuring citizens’ safety in public spaces. Quick police responses and surveillance systems add to its relative safety.

For families moving in, the perception of safety matters a lot and Noida inspires more confidence compared to Gurgaon.

Civic Amenities

Amenities in Noida

As a planned city, the Noida Authority has focused on building extensive civic infrastructure for electricity, water, sanitation, and solid waste regimes.

Power failures are less frequent and water supply maintains good pressure due to underground sewage lines and treatment plants. Garbage collection mechanisms work efficiently across residential blocks. Major infrastructure upgrades happen in tandem with population rise.

Amenities in Gurgaon

Gurgaon lost the chance of planned development and is playing catch up in terms of civic amenities. Power and water supply has not kept pace with the population burgeoning.

Sizeable areas face outages and poor supply during summers. Sewage and garbage disposal are poor with associations taking up localized efforts. However, the municipal body is working to upgrade the underground drainage network and augment the electricity supply. But delivery on the ground is slow.


Noida wins clearly when it comes to well-planned civic amenities servicing all sectors evenly. Gurgaon is still grappling with shortages and outages of core utilities due to a lack of integrated planning as the city grew haphazardly.


After comparing the two cities across various parameters – connectivity, housing, jobs, healthcare, education, safety, and amenities – it emerges that Noida has an edge over Gurgaon as the better city to reside in the NCR.

Though Gurgaon remains the posher business hub, Noida offers a better day-to-day quality of living thanks to its planned development, efficient public services, integrated transport, and overall affordability.

For homebuyers and residents, Noida is a more well-rounded city with essential infrastructure and facilities well established. However, Gurgaon remains popular with the glamorous crowd looking for an uber-urban lifestyle.

For average citizens looking for a balanced environment to settle with their families, Noida offers the ideal combo of economic opportunities and civic amenities for a high quality of life.

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