10 Most Haunted Places in Gurgaon, Paranormal Activities

Whether or not we believe in ghosts, the stories shared by Gurgaon locals about the most haunted places in Gurgaon can send shivers down anyone’s spine. It’s not about proving their existence but acknowledging the thin line between human and spirit, God and devil, the living and the dead. These real horror stories run in the city of Gurgaon. We have come up with a list of the 10 most haunted places in Gurgaon. Continue reading to learn more about the history of this haunted house.

Take a look at the 10 haunted places in Gurgaon

Saffron BPO 

How would you feel if you got to know that one of your colleagues was a ghost whom you used to work and talk with every day?

Scary, right?

Something the same happened in Saffron BPO when one of its hard-working and dedicated employees named Rose disappeared suddenly. When many days passed, the other employees tried to contact her on the number but no one answered.

Later, they decided to visit her home and got to know that no one was living there with such a name. Further investigation discovered that Rose died several years ago, and this scary truth leaves each office employee in trauma.

They also found that the building of Saffron BPO was built on a graveyard. It might happen that the spirit of Rose used to come from the same graveyard.

Address: 113, Udyog Vihar, Phase-1, Gurugram, Haryana 122016

Aravalli Biodiversity Park

If you believe that you are brave enough to face ghosts and supernatural activities, visiting Aravalli Biodiversity Park is a challenge for you. Situated between the Mahipalpur and Palam area, a certain part of the park is a hub of ghostly activities.

The locals of the area say that the horror spirits of a couple live there who are suffering from some mental disorders. Many visitors have seen mysterious activities, like Sky Burials when a dead body is placed on a high mountain, inviting scavenging birds to eat it.

Many have witnessed Cannibalism activity, in which humans eat flesh or internal organs of other humans. Apart from these activities, people have seen the act of Self-Immolation during night hours, this act is a kind of suicide when someone sets himself or herself on fire.

Address: F4J6+PJ4, Acharya Shree Tulsi Marg, DLF Phase 3, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Saraswati Kunj

Is not scary to find someone sitting alone at night and talking to themselves in a man’s or a woman’s voice? It is not any imagination but a real story, taking place in one of the old societies of Gurgaon, Saraswati Kunj.

We are not talking about any outsiders but got several reports from the people living in the same society. Many have seen a young girl sitting in the different areas of Saraswati Kunj during night hours.

People find it very scary when they hear her talking to herself in a male and female voice at the same time. It is quite strange that no one finds such activities in the daytime, but as darkness grows that girl starts hunting the Saraswati Kunj.

Address: Parsvnath Exotica, Dlf Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram, Gurgaon, Gurgaon – 122003

Mehrauli Gurgaon Street

People who up and down from Mehrauli Gurgaon Street must be attentive and aware of future mishaps. According to many reports, a lady wearing a white sari hunts Mehrauli Gurgaon Street and tries to go closer to each vehicle passing that street. Many cab drivers and other daily going people are scared of her horror appearance. The eyes of that lady are not normal, it seems like her eyeballs are out from the eye covers and her tongue is hanging out as long as her arm. Make sure you do not stop your vehicle or lift any stranger when going from Mehrauli Gurgaon Street.

Farrukh Nagar Fort 

Generally, historical structures are known for their rich history, beautiful design, and being perfect places to enjoy picnics or spend quality time. You must be surprised that the Farrukh Nagar Fort is known for a spirit living in the fort since it was built.

It is said that the spirit is staying in the fort to guard the hidden treasure of the fort. Whenever someone tries to enter the fort or steal the treasure, the spirit either throws him or her out badly or snatches the light of eyes and leaves them blind.

So, if you are planning to visit the fort or nearby attractions, make sure you do not enter the fort. People believe that no one comes out from the fort in the same condition as he or she goes, the spirit punishes them poorly.

Location: Farukh Nagar, Haryana 122506

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Pahari Street

Do you know? Even after following all the safety rules of traffic, roads, and vehicles, you might face a dangerous accident if you are going from Pahari Street, Gurgaon. As per locals of the nearby areas, a male ghost hunts the street. People call him “The car ghost” as he is always seen driving the car on the street. He deliberately comes in front of the vehicles passing the street to damage them. He suddenly appears at full speed and forces the other people to change their route, and this hustle and bustle causes serious accidents on the street. And after that, he disappears and does not come out until the investigation goes on.

Apartment Building in Sector 7

It must be not easy to sleep when you hear some strange noise coming from the washroom during dark hours. Is it? Several families have gone through this scary incident in the Apartment Building in Sector 7 in Gurgaon.

The old residents felt the presence of a horror spirit in their room. They also found the light and shower turning on and off without any external force. Many times they felt as if someone was calling them by their name, and the voices used to come from the washroom.

Several people went into depression and trauma because of these scary incidents. The nearby locals say that a man was killed in the washroom of this building and he caused the all incidents as his spirit never left the Apartment Building.

MNC in Sector 18

There is a particular MNC in sector 18 of Gurgaon which is not only an office of several employees but also a home to a lady ghost. According to the former residents, she died during the construction of the building. She fell from the lift shaft and lost her life at the same time, but her spirit never left the building and still lives here.

Many times, employees have noticed that the lift breaks down on the 3rd floor and does not work even after making all efforts to repair it. People have seen her shadow passing through the locked rooms and walls. They have also heard strange noises from the empty corridors during night hours.

Ashoka Vihar Flyover

Our elders and teachers always teach us to be helpful to everyone, but having a helpful nature can be harmful to you if you are passing from the Ashoka Vihar Flyover. People believe that a woman in a white sari hunts the flyover every night.

She keeps asking for the address of a certain location from the people going through the Ashoka Vihar Flyover. Generally, people do not stop their vehicles, but people who tried to help her, forgot the route. Even after helping her, many people faced breakdowns in Vehicles and deadly accidents.

Apartment in Sector 56

Another apartment in Sector 56 is home to a group of spirits who do not let anyone stay in the building. The last former family shared their creepy experience, like turning lights on and off by itself.

Multiple times, they found someone knocking at the door at night when no one was there. The most terrible activity was a moving car without any driver. All these mysterious activities are the cause that this apartment has been empty for years, as no one wants to sit there.

Location: Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Gurugram, Haryana

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Want to try something spooky? Visit several ghost houses in Gurgaon, haunted by the evil spirits. Yes, from Pahari Street in Gurgaon to the Ashoka Vihar Flyover near the Dilkhush Vihar, you will find many haunted places in Gurugram. Go through the list of the most haunted places in Gurgaon and choose some places to encounter ghosts, handle the haunted atmosphere, and deal with countless paranormal activities.

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