Private Places For Couples In Faridabad You Should Visit in 2024

Faridabad is a city near the Indian capital that holds secret havens for Private Places For Couples In Faridabad. Whether you’re planning a special date or a quiet day with your significant other, these spots in Faridabad offer both coziness and charm.

Here’s a guide to the most romantic and private places where love is always in the air.

Best Private Places For Couples In Faridabad

1. Raja Nahar Singh Palace

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of history at Raja Nahar Singh Palace. This historical palace transports you to the times of royalty with its stunning architecture and tranquil gardens.

It’s a splendid place for couples to wander hand in hand, exploring the rich past and picturesque settings. The quiet corridors and lush greenery make it an ideal spot for deep conversations.

Address: 88R9+4RM, Ambedkar Chowk, Ballabhgarh, Faridabad, Haryana 121001

Timing: 9 am–11 pm

Things to Do For Couples:

Take a leisurely walk around the palace to admire its architecture and learn about its history.

Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a relaxed meal in the palace gardens.

Capture some beautiful photos together with the palace’s historic backdrop.

Check if any cultural events or festivals are happening at the palace during your visit.

Try some local snacks or meals from nearby vendors or restaurants.

Find a nice spot to sit and watch the sunset together.

Look for unique local handicrafts or souvenirs to remember your visit.

2. Chapter Twelve

For a modern dining experience, Chapter Twelve offers a cozy and intimate setting. The ambiance is perfect for a date night where you can enjoy crafted cocktails and delicious food.

Its private booths and soft lighting set the right mood for love and uninterrupted talks. This place is all about creating a personal space for you and your loved one.

Address: Ozone Centre Plot no. 9 Ground Floor, Sector 12, Faridabad, Haryana 121007

Phone: 081011 21212

Timing: 12 pm–12 am

Must-Try Food: Smoked Chicken Wing, Thai Spring Roll, Achari Chicken, Mixed Sauce Pasta, Platters, Manchow Soup

Average Cost: ₹2,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Things to Do For Couples:

Try out their unique cocktails or choose from a variety of other beverages.

Have a romantic dinner with options from their multi-cuisine menu.

Check out if there’s live music playing, which can set a wonderful ambiance.

Choose outdoor seating for a more intimate and scenic dining experience.

Don’t miss their desserts; sharing a sweet treat is always romantic.

The stylish interior makes for great photo opportunities.

Look out for special events or theme nights that might be happening.

3. Folks

Folk is a charming café known for its quiet and artistic atmosphere. With its eclectic decor and soft music, it’s a warm place to relax and enjoy some private moments.

The café offers a selection of coffees and bites, perfect for those lengthy chats and lazy afternoons. It’s a small nook in the city that feels like a peaceful retreat from the urban rush.

Address: Sco-104-105, Second Floor, Huda Market, Sector 16, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Phone: 099900 96293

Timing: 11:30 am–1 am

Must-Try Food: Amritsari Kukkad, Guava Mocktail, Brewed Beer, Wheat Beer, Death by Chocolate, Beers

Average Cost: ₹2,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Things to Do For Couples:

Experiment with their menu that blends traditional and modern flavors.

Enjoy a cozy coffee date; they have a great selection of brews.

Indulge in sharing a dessert, a sweet way to enjoy your time together.

Opt for a lazy brunch if you’re there during the daytime.

Sip on some creative cocktails in the evening.

Choose a table outdoors for a more intimate setting.

The casual and chic decor makes a great backdrop for a couple of photos.

4. The Lalit Mangar

Nestled in the lap of the Aravalli Hills, The Lalit Mangar is an earthy luxury resort that provides a serene getaway. Its rustic stone architecture and the surrounding forest create a secluded and romantic setting.

Spend the day exploring the nature trails or relaxing in their plush accommodations. It’s a luxurious escape that offers privacy and peace, perfect for rekindling love.

Address: Camp Wild Road, Dera Mandi, Faridabad, Haryana 121001

Phone: 0129 715 7777

Things to Do For Couples:

Stroll through the beautiful surroundings and explore the natural beauty.

Book a couple’s spa treatment to relax and rejuvenate together.

Try out the adventure sports available like rock climbing or zip-lining.

Join a morning yoga class to start your day refreshed and connected.

Visit the organic farm to learn about sustainable farming and maybe pick some fresh produce.

Enjoy an evening by the bonfire, perfect for romantic chats and relaxation.

Since the area is surrounded by nature, it’s a great spot for stargazing on a clear night.

Savor the meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients, often organic from their gardens.

5. Hotel Delite Grand

Hotel Delite Grand is known for its elegant suites that provide an intimate environment for couples. With its superior service and fine dining options, the hotel ensures a luxurious and private stay.

You can enjoy a quiet dinner or relax in the comfort of your room, making it a perfect spot for celebrating special occasions.

Address: A-5/B, Neelam Bata Road, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, Haryana 121001

Phone: 095991 96570

Things to Do For Couples:

Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the hotel’s fine dining options.

Sip on creative cocktails at the hotel bar.

Book a couple’s spa session to unwind and relax together.

Take a dip in the hotel pool for a refreshing and fun time.

Hit the hotel gym if you enjoy staying active together.

Have a cozy night in with room service for a private dining experience.

Use the hotel as a base to explore local attractions in Faridabad.

Check if the hotel has any live entertainment or events during your stay.

6. Aravalli Golf Course

For the sporty couple, the Aravalli Golf Course offers a unique date experience. Enjoy a game of golf while taking in the beautiful views of the Aravalli range.

The vast, open spaces are great for couples who appreciate a bit of activity while spending quality time together. It’s quiet, green, and spacious, offering a day of fun and togetherness.

Address: New Industrial Township Near Nahar Singh Stadium Golf Club, Faridabad 121001 India

Things to Do For Couples:

Spend a day on the course playing a round of golf together.

Take a beginner’s golf lesson if you’re new to the sport.

Enjoy a leisurely walk around the beautiful, green course.

Catch a stunning sunrise or sunset over the golf course.

Capture some lovely photos with the scenic backdrop.

Enjoy a meal or a snack at the clubhouse.

End your day with some refreshing drinks at the bar.

7. Badkhal Lake

Although currently dry, Badkhal Lake still offers a scenic spot with its surrounding landscape and birdlife. It’s a peaceful place for a picnic or a long walk.

The area around the former lake is quiet and less crowded, making it a perfect setting for couples seeking solitude and natural beauty.

Location: Haryana 121004

Things to Do For Couples:

Enjoy a peaceful walk around the area where the lake used to be.

Pack a picnic to enjoy in the tranquil surroundings.

Take some lovely photos together with nature as your backdrop.

Keep an eye out for various bird species that can still be spotted around the area.

Watch a beautiful sunset, a romantic end to your day.

Visit nearby attractions like Peacock Lake or Dhauj Camp.

Try some local street food from nearby vendors.

8. Rose Garden

Imagine a stroll through myriad colors and fragrances at the Rose Garden. This well-maintained garden offers a stunning collection of roses and other flowers.

With its beautiful pathways and benches, it’s an ideal spot for couples to enjoy nature and each other’s company in a blooming environment.

Address: 856, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Sector 17, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Timing: Open 24 hours

Things to Do For Couples:

Walk hand in hand and admire the various types of beautiful roses.

Bring a picnic basket and find a cozy spot for a romantic lunch.

Capture some lovely photos among the colorful blooms.

Sit on a bench and enjoy quiet moments together.

Stay till evening and watch the sunset for a picturesque end to your visit.

Bring along a book or poetry to read to each other in a serene environment.

Look out for different bird species that visit the garden.

9. The Sky Patio

The Sky Patio is a lesser-known gem that offers an exclusive dining experience under the stars. It’s particularly enchanting in the evening when the city lights up.

The place provides privacy coupled with a panoramic view of the city, making it a romantic destination for dinner dates.

Address: BR301, 81 High Street, Sector 81, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Phone: 093156 37374

Timing: 12 pm–12:30 am

Must-Try Food: Paneer Tikka Pizza, Crispy Corn, Mocktail, Nachos, Dal Makhani, Cheesecake

Average Cost: ₹1,600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Things to Do For Couples:

Enjoy a romantic dinner with an open sky above you.

Sip on creatively crafted cocktails or your choice of beverages.

Check if there’s live music, which adds a wonderful vibe to the evening.

Admire the panoramic views of the city from the patio.

Perfect spot for celebrating anniversaries or special dates.

Indulge in some exquisite desserts for a sweet ending to your date.

Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy deep conversations under the sky.

10. Tama Brewery & World Kitchen

End your day with a visit to Tama Brewery & World Kitchen, where you can enjoy craft beers and global cuisines. The ambiance is lively yet intimate, suitable for couples looking to unwind and enjoy good music with delicious food. The place has a vibrant yet cozy feel, perfect for a relaxed evening.

Address: Huda Market, HUDA Staff Colony, Sector 16, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Phone: 095990 04241

Timing: 12 pm–12 am

Must-Try Food: Brewed Wheat Beer, Hefeweizen, Iced Peach Tea, Fried Chicken Wings, Thai Spring Roll, Blueberry Cheese Cake

Average Cost: ₹1,800 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Things to Do For Couples:

Explore their selection of freshly brewed beers.

Savor dishes from their diverse, world-inspired menu.

Check for nights when they host live music performances.

Enjoy the contemporary and stylish setting.

End your meal by sharing a delicious dessert.

Take fun photos together in the unique, chic environment.

Look out for special events or themed nights they might host.


Faridabad might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of romance, but these spots prove otherwise.

Each place offers a unique blend of privacy, beauty, and serenity, ideal for couples looking to escape the daily routine and spend some quality time together.

Whether you prefer historical sites, lush gardens, luxurious resorts, or cozy cafes, Faridabad has something special for every couple.

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